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Orange County, New York Traffic and Local Courts

Highlands Town Court

           Highlands Town Court is in Orange County, New York

Highlands Town Court Address 213 Main Street , Highland Falls, New York 10928  
About the Highlands Town Court
Typical Violations heard in this court.  Speeding Tickets, moving violations, Speed Tickets, Drunk Driving (DWI, DUI) Reckless driving, and criminal charges, aggravated unlicensed driver, following too close, leaving scene of accident, failure to obey traffic control device, red light, stop sign, unsafe lane change, failure to signal, drugs in car, marijauna possession, gun charges
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New York and New Jersey Speeding and Traffic Ticket Defense News

New York State -- NY State Police troopers handed out more than 1,900 speeding tickets to New York Thruway drivers during a weeklong August 2012 safe-driving campaign. “Operation Summer Brake” was created by the New York State Police to help prevent reckless driving behaviors and to stress the importance of highway driving laws, according to a state Thruway Authority news release Wednesday. “The busy summer travel season has ended, but ‘Operation Summer Brake’ did its job by heightening motorists’ awareness of safe driving in work zones, by ticketing speeders, and aggressive and distracted drivers, and by getting many intoxicated drivers off the roads,” said Thomas Madison, the organization’s executive director, in a statement issued to the press. New York’s state troopers issue more than 900,000 tickets a year, (wow!) even though they total only 6 percent of the state’s law enforcement officers, according to the release. Troopers issue approximately 55 percent of speeding tickets and 47 percent of seat-belt and child-seat law violations, and they make 30 percent of DWI arrests. So slow down out there! New York State Police Troop T Sgt. Thomas Ferritto said in a statement released to the press, that the campaign offered a chance to inform drivers about enforcement efforts across the state of New York. “We are particularly pleased to have the chance to educate motorists about the ‘move over law’ and protect maintenance workers, tow-truck operators and state troopers,” he said.

PICKENS, S.C. -- A South Carolina police officer who issued a speeding ticket to Clemson football coach Dabo Swinney was fired after using company equipment to post an account of it on the Internet. Pickens Police Chief Rodney Gregory said in a release that officer Michael McClatchy used a department computer on Sept. 14 to detail what he said happened during the stop. Swinney was clocked going 63 mph in a 35 mph zone on Sept. 3 on the way to his radio call-in show. He was cited for speeding and the officer reduced the penalty to a minimum fine and points, according to Gregory. McClatchy's post said he thought Swinney expected to be excused for the violation. Gregory said Swinney paid the fine and apologized. No. 10 Clemson plays at No. 4 Florida State on Saturday night.

NJ woman jailed for decade-old traffic ticket THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tuesday, June 19, 2012 NEW YORK — A New Jersey woman says she spent a night in a New York City jail after police discovered she had a decade-old traffic summons. Krystle Garcia tells NBC New York that she was arrested Thursday at a Manhattan checkpoint. Garcia was 17 when she received the forgotten summons. It was issued because she did not have an insurance card with her. Garcia said she received, and paid, other tickets in New York after that. She was able to renew her New Jersey driver’s license and registration without any issues. Garcia, who works in New York City, agreed to a $155 fine. But she said her 14-hour ordeal in a holding cell was “horrifying.” She said she shared her story because she doesn’t want it to happen to anyone else.

Internet entrepreneur Julien Chabbott, 28, was arrested after he allegedly used his $260,000 (£165,00) luxury Ferrari Spider to run over the foot of a police officer writing him a ticket in New York on Sunday, according to police. Mr Chabbott’s girlfriend, Stephanie Pratt, a reality TV star in the US, watched the drama unfold. As the footage of the incident shows, she later retrieved items from the Ferrari after the arrest and left the scene. The whole scene was captured by 17-year-old New Yorker Damian Morys who was passing the Mercer hotel when the incident happened. He said: "It was a pretty crazy situation. I was definitely at the right place at the right time - I couldn't believe it was unfolding before my eyes and that I was actually capturing it on video.

Disclaimer:  We do our best to insure that the information provided above is accurate, however we recommend that you contact the court before relying on this information.

What should I do if I am given a speeding ticket or arrested in Highlands Town Court in Orange County?

This Highlands Town Court is responsible for handling all preliminary hearings in felony criminal criminals, misdemeanor criminal matters through trial, and traffic matters including moving violations, citations, parking tickets, speeding summonses, etc. What is there to do if one receives traffic ticket, speeding violation, or am arrested in Highland Falls?  Usually, the ticket will indicate by when you have to answer. The ticket will also indicate where you need to send it in to enter a not guilty plea. If you wish to plead guilty to the ticket you must do so either in open court or by sending the ticket in to the court pleading guilty. Before pleading guilty to any moving violation in the state of New York, you should know that you are subjecting yourself to fines, surcharges, driver responsibility assessments (which are $100 a year for three years for the first six points received in an 18 month period), suspension, and possible jail time although it is rare. This is not to mention insurance increases and possible cancellation of your insurance policy in New York.

First of all you, you should not ignore the summons, that is the worst thing you can do.  If you ignore a simplified traffic information in the State of New York, the DMV can suspend your license until you resolve the ticket.  Furthermore, before the court will remove the suspension, you must pay $70 per ticket. For example, let's say you receive a three point stop sign ticket and a four point speeding ticket in Highlands Town Court.  The officer printed on the tickets the date by which you have to answer the summonses, and because you are busy or lazy or for whatever reason, you ignore the tickets. In general, you will receive a notice of impending drivers license Suspension from the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles informing you that your license will be suspended for each ticket that you did not answer.

You usually have 30 days from your receipt of this letter to contact the court and enter not guilty plea. You can also receive a suspension notice after answering the ticket not guilty and for failure to show up to court when the court tells you that you need to appear.  in order to prevent the suspension of your license you need to contact the court right away. If you have already been suspended, then you need to pay $70 to lift the suspension in this case, that would be $140.  Sometimes, the court would require bail money also, which is a pain.

Here is how the process works:  You can either call me to discuss your tickets, or ideally you will first you fax or e-mail me the ticket so that I can get an accurate picture of what you are facing. As they say a picture is worth 1000 words. After I see your ticket or after we discuss your ticket over the phone, I will tell you how many points you are facing and how much the fines and surcharges are, and the possible impact on your right to drive and your insurance.  I will quote you a fee to represent you. In most cases, my fee is a flat fee. That means that you only pay me once, and you know ahead of time how much legal fees will be. My fee, of course does not include the fine that you must pay to the court if any. After you hire me and I acknowledge receipt of payment, I will send you a representation agreement/receipt and I will contact the court ASAP to inform them that I am representing you and that we are entering a not guilty plea. If you received the summons in New York City, we may be able to enter a not guilty plea on line. After we have contacted the court or hearing office where this matter will be heard, we have to wait until the court sends the court notice with the pretrial or trial date. Usually the notices will come directly to me, especially in the case of upstate tickets. We will appear on the date that the court requires us to appear, and in the case of upstate courts, we will usually work out a plea bargain. A plea bargain works like the following: I negotiate a plea whereby the officer or prosecutor agrees to let us plead guilty to a lesser charge, meaning a charge which carries less or no points along with a fine. At that point I go in front of the judge with a police officer or prosecutor, we discussed the offer in front of the judge and the judge either accepts or denies plea bargain arrangement. Usually, judges accept the deal's worked out, at which point the judge assesses as a fine including the state-mandated surcharge.  the court will then give us time to pay at a minimum one week and sometimes up to 30 days (two weeks in the TVB courts).  At that point, I will email you the results, including possibly a form that you can use to pay the fine directly to the court via credit card or money order.  If you include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment to the court, then the court will mail you a receipt for your payment. If a fine is due on New York City traffic violations, you can pay the fine online, and if necessary I will provide you with the link for that.

So, the $64,000 question is… Should I hire an attorney? There are several advantages to hiring an attorney to handle your traffic matter in New York State. 

  1. If you hire me to fight your New York traffic ticket in most cases, you do not need to show up personally to the court. In 99% of the courts, I can appear without you and negotiate a reduction or elimination of the points in fines. Even in New York City Traffic courts (the dreaded TVB), you do not need to show up at all to court.  this is clearly a benefit to you, in that you don't have to take off from work, get a babysitter order structure personal life to show up to court.
  2. Second of all, if you hire my firm represent you for New York City, upstate New York or Naussa County speeding or traffic ticket,you will get an attorney who has handled thousands of tickets.  I am one of the most experienced traffic ticket attorneys you can find in the state of New York.  As a former police officer, I understand the system inside and out. I will get you the best possible resolution and will minimize the impact on your license.  So, if you hire me you are making an investment towards saving fines points in insurance increases, and possible suspension of your right to drive in New York.
  3. Finally, if you hire my law offices, I will take care of all the paperwork for you, and make sure that all deadlines are met, so that you could concentrate on your other respnsibilities in life. If you hire me I will "take care of you."
  4. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card, PayPal, personal checks, money orders or cash in person in our office. If the fee is too difficult or too high for you to pay in one lump sum, oftentimes we can work out payment plans make it easier for you to hire me.
  5. in general, when you call me I answer the phone not a paralegal or secretary. When you speak to me, you are speaking to the source of knowledge not some secondhand information was given to a non-attorney to answer the phone.
We also handle drunk driving charges, driving while ability impaired by drugs or alcohol, reckless driving, aggravated unlicensed driver, staff, drugs, robbery, burglary and any other criminal matters the state of New York. go to my NY criminal defense website here: New York Criminal Attorney.
Former Cop now fighting Speeding and Traffic Tickets in New York and New Jersey
NY Ticket lawyer That's right, I used to write the speeding tickets.  Now, I am on your side, fighting New York and New Jersey Speeding tickets, red lights, stop signs, passing school buses, reckless driving, aggravated unlicensed driving, drunk driving, lane violations, speed contests, in New York City, Upstate New York, Nassau County, Suffolk County and New Jersey traffic and municipal courts.
For quickest response:  Scan and email me your ticket here or fax it to fax# 877-742-2268
Hire me and you will get a lawyer who has resolved over 10,000 tickets, summonses and moving violations in New York and New Jersey, since I started counting.  I have even lectured to other attorneys on how to fight traffic tickets in New York.  I am a Featured instructor/ Faculty member for the National Academy of Continuing Legal Education on New York Traffic Tickets. 

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